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 Winter Storms 

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Who We Are

We are not radical survivalists. Just a growing network of average, hardworking middle class American families who know a bit about history and have a common sense understanding of the real world. We suspect there are many others out there like ourselves who are waking up to the consequences of our deteriorating economy. My family includes self-made small business owners, a pharmacist, and an emergency management specialist. Other families and individuals come from various walks of life but each share a desire to become more self-sufficent and protect themselves from danger. We are each devising our own family plan, developing resources and reaching out to help others do the same in hopes of sharing our knowledge and gaining from their experience as well. My parents were born during the Great Depression. The photo below is from my grandparents’ farm in Michigan during the Depression having what they called a “Hard Times Party”. It seemed that families with farms became particularly popular as hard times set in. Though my parents were not old enough to remember the Depression directly, they did learn their parents' hard-earned lessons, as well as such skills as farming with horse-drawn implements, pumping water without electricity and preserving foods.

Since then, along with most Americans, we slumbered in the comfort of economic stability, fostered by our Constitutional government and individual liberties. Even if we do take the reins of our nation’s economic survival and make the hard choices necessary to stave off the worst, times will still get very tough for the foreseeable future. In recent years my family has come together to build and maintain a family farm, to learn again how to can food and to accumulate tools that can operate without electricity. In case civil order falters, we are learning how to defend ourselves and preparing necessary resources. And we are developing connections with others who are doing the same.

Though long the domain of radicals and alarmists, the question of survival has become a very reasonable and imminent concern in an increasingly unstable world. We are not anti-government. We are not dangerous. We are not plotting anything illegal. We are honest, law-abiding citizens who love this Republic and believe in its ideals. We just want to protect our families, whether it is against natural disasters or man-made catastrophes, and encourage others to do the same.

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